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Unlock the Power of Pinterest to Expand Your Ecommerce Business

Once a place for inspiration, Pinterest is proving itself to be a powerhouse platform for the ecommerce industry. You’re probably already familiar with the pins and boards used to bookmark trendy outfits or tasty dishes on Pinterest.

Although seemingly unconventional to traditional online selling platforms, the Pinterest app is a great place for attracting new customers and selling products online. When used effectively, pins have the power to increase exposure and revenue. It’s just a matter of knowing how to unlock the power of the pin.

Why is Pinterest Ecommerce right for you?

So what is pinterest? In its simplest form, Pinterest is a visual search engine. Pinterest users, (fondly called pinners), can upload, search, and pin content to different boards, public or private, depending on pinner preference, for later use.

As a social media platform with an unlimited array of content and an extensive user community, many businesses have seized the opportunity to use Pinterest for e-commerce. 与其他社会化媒体的模式, Pinterest doesn’t operate around the exchanging of ideas and information to drive user activity.

Instead, Pinterest is designed for users to search and store content. Users are just as motivated to save items for themselves as they are to share them with others. These inherent features and motives are especially advantageous for online marketing and sales.

Gain Exposure and Drive Traffic to Your Website

Based on its easy to use, customizable search feature and endless visual content, Pinterest simplifies users’ shopping experience. Let’s take a closer look. A pinner types in a specific item to search and scrolls through the content that loads to their feed.

Pinners are then able to compare similar products quickly without visiting various websites. This reverses the online shopping process of searching stores to find a desired product where pinners can instead find what they’re looking for first and then find a store.

In this way, users are exposed to more products and stores. Including a link to the product page on the pin then redirects the pinner to your website where more products can be discovered and purchased.

An Extensive Pool of Potential Customers

Another appealing quality to the e-commerce industry is Pinterest’s large pool of active users, with more than 250 million and counting. While other social media platforms may have more active users, pinners are 39% more likely to be active shoppers than non-pinners.

Of all these shoppers, the majority are women (70%), but the number of men (30%) on the platform is steadily growing. Additionally, Pinterest attracts users with a higher disposable income-- 40% of pinners have household incomes of more than 100k annually, suggesting that many pinners are more likely to pay for products at an above-average cost.

What else makes pinners more attractive customers for e-commerce? Check out these other statistics from Pinterest Business:

  • 98% of people report trying new things they discover on Pinterest, compared to 71% on other platforms
  • 93% of pinners have used Pinterest to plan, research, or make purchases
  • 80% of Pinterest’s traffic derives from mobile users

Opportunity for Organic Growth

The ability to specify searches and instantly load extensive content to users’ feed makes Pinterest highly attractive for growing business organically. Whenever pinners search and scroll through Pinterest, they stumble across a variety of organic content at a much higher rate than other social platforms.

This is partially because pinners are proactively searching to discover new things compared to scrolling through a feed as a reactive byproduct. This is a massive leg up compared to fighting for space and exposure on other competitive social media platforms.

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What you should know

Should your business operate on Pinterest?

While business-to-consumer (B2C) companies generally have an easier time operating on Pinterest, business-to-business (B2B) companies should still consider using Pinterest.

Determining whether your company will experience success on Pinterest comes down to your target audience and the existing Pinterest user base. Your company will perform better the more overlap there is between your target audience and existing pinners.

Setting Up Your Pinterest Profile for E-Commerce Success

To begin, create a business account. By creating a business account rather than a personal account, you gain access to Pinterest’s analytics and ads that will help you track data as you add boards and content to your account.

Personalizing your profile is vital for attracting users but keeping your branding consistent with your website and other social media profiles for increased recognizability. This is achieved by using the same username and logo affiliated with your other social media accounts.

Finesse Your Featured Boards

Continue to spruce up your Pinterest account by adding featured boards to highlight engaging content and increase your following. To ease customer usage, organize your featured boards in the same way your products are categorized on your website or other social media platforms.

Creating niche boards also helps to gain followers with specific interests. Niche boards use keywords that point members of your target audience with niche interest to content most relevant to them. With any board you create, you can add collaborators. By adding collaborators, such as other industry professionals, you extend your reach on Pinterest.

Engage Pinners with Alternate Content Formats

As a platform with a plethora of visual content, it’s crucial to develop dynamic and engaging content on Pinterest to grow your business. Varying your content with product images, videos, blog posts, and infographics will help to establish your brand voice, engage users, and stand out among your competitors.

Pin Your Values

To retain users and maintain regular traffic, you have to update your Pinterest boards frequently. The most effective way to update your boards is to share content that goes beyond your products. By sharing content that supports your product and demonstrates the value your product provides, you extend the scope of your business beyond a monetary value.

The practice of pinning values that your business holds builds familiarity and trust between you and your audience. This deepened connection then helps to drive sales as they are investing in your product as well as your values.

Grow with Promoted Pins

To advertise on Pinterest, you’ll be using Promoted Pins. These pins can be purchased and customized on where they appear, when they appear, who they appear to, and how they are budgeted.

Additionally, you can set different objectives for these ads, such as referral traffic, brand awareness, or App installs. Another way to utilize the ads is to create custom audiences that target specific users from a particular demographic or location.

Capitalize on Referral Traffic with SEO

As Pinterest continues to grow as a platform to learn about products, buying options, and make direct purchases, it is essential to optimize searches with keywords. Including relevant keywords ensures that your content organically appears in customer searches. To increase your relevance ranking, be sure to incorporate keywords in pin descriptions, board titles, and hashtags.

Keywords are also important for ad targeting. Specific words and interests help Pinterest show your ads to users who are most likely to be interested in your product while browsing. Increasing your exposure and sales can be as simple as adding one word!

Enhance Your E-Commerce Business with Pinterest

As a visual search engine, Pinterest offers endless opportunities for e-commerce businesses to gain exposure and generate revenue. All of its customizable features and extensive user community have proven Pinterest as a leading source for sales growth and customer acquisition.

With a bit of careful research and planning, you can develop an effective marketing strategy to greatly expand your e-commerce business. Tap into the power of Pinterest and watch your business grow!

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